Ramadhan Program

Palestinian Muslims in Gaza welcome the holy month with hanging lanterns like the common Middle East tradition. However, the happy atmosphere of Ramadhan sometime changes when the Israeli military attacks Gaza, like what had happened in Ramadhan 2019.


Several days before the holy month came, 4th May 2019, Israel attacked Gaza through the air and caused many fatalities. It was reported that 300 apartments were destroyed, 28 martyred, and approximately 200 people injured.


NPC shares a little happiness for the Palestinian in the glorious month through several programs, such as:


  1. Breaking the fast together
  2. Doing sahur together
  3. Distributing break fasting food to Gaza people
  4. Eid presents for the poor
  5. Distributing zakat fitrah


NPC invites the donors to take part in various program to fulfill the needs in Gaza.

Give your sincere help through:

BNI Kramat 69000 90089 branch by the name of Yayasan Nusantara Palestina Center

BNI Syariah Dewi Sartika branch 69000 90089 by the name of Yayasan Nusantara Palestina Center

Bank Syariah Mandiri (BSM) Ps. Rebo branch: 7129559688 by the name of Yayasan Nusantara Palestina Center