Foundation’s History

For more than 10 years Abdillah Onim had to pass many obstacles to fulfill the humanitarian mission from Indonesian muslims for those in Gaza Stripes. The biggest challenge was how to keep Indonesian Muslims on him.

The man who is known as Bang Onim has given his all life for contributing in the world’s peace. His sense as a senior humanitarian activist encourage him to improve both him and his teamwork’s performance and capacity to work consistently, transparently, and professionally based on the principle that has been carried out all this time.

In March 2018, the idea to establish an institution run in education and humanity was finally achieved. The institution is now known as Nusantara Palestina Center or NPC. Bang Onim acts as the founder and adviser of Nusantara Palestina Center which is recorded on the deed number 7 March 8th, 2018.

The idea of establishing Nusantara Palestina Center was purely the hope of Bang Onim himself and the advice from various important people from NGO and even the government.

For almost two decades in Gaza Stripes, Bang Onim had successfully proved his performance as a senior humanitarian activist. He was appreciated by the Embassy of Republic Indonesia to Jordan and Palestine in Amman, Jordan. In August 2017, Bang Onim and his family was invited to meet Indonesian Ambassador to Jordan and Palestine, Drs. Andy Rachmianto, M.Phil., to celebrate Indonesia’s Independence Day.

“Bang Onim is our eyes and ears in Gaza Stripes,”

Indonesian Ambassador to Jordan and Palestine, Andy Rachmianto said in front of dozens of humanitarian and social institutions leader during a meeting with UNRWA representatives at Ministry of Foreign Affairs Republic Indonesia, February 18, 2018.

Andy Rachmianto admitted that he consistently monitored Bang Onim’s activities in Gaza Stripes. He was very much helped by Bang Onim’s presence, carrying out the humanitarian mission for the people in Palestine. Besides the information provided by Bang Onim about the condition in Gaza Stripes, Palestine, that were both direct and accurate, his existence in Gaza confirmed Indonesia’s loyalty and support in achieving Palestine’s independence.

To continue the humanitarian mission, the establishment of Nusantara Palestina Center is deemed necessary to unite Bang Onim’s partners to have an easier and efficient coordination and communication. Further, the establishment was done to improve Bang Onim and team’s work performance collectively.


NPC now is not only known as a local NGO, but also as an international NGO. Along with the fact, both NPC Jakarta and Gaza must continue to have a synergy in working together to improve their achievement and performance capacity. Those are the form of professionalism in the workforce, administrators, and teams in carrying out their assigned tasks, as well as improving NPC’s institutional performance in public’s eyes.

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