Foundation’s Abstractions and Objectives

Nusantara Palestina Center (NPC) was established by Abdillah Onim, known as Bang Onim, in 2018. Until now, Bang Onim has been doing his duty in Palestine and has partnership with more than 30 NGOs in Indonesia and 20 local NGOs in Palestine. The purpose of NPC establishment was to manage the partnership and having a better managerial in reporting the work performance in the future.

Nusantara Palestina Center (NPC)’s headquarters that is located on Hj. Ali street number 78, Tengah, Kramat Jati, East Jakarta is open to anyone who wants to visit and contribute with us regardless of their social or political backgrounds. NPC is established for any groups, which purely to unite the vision in the name of humanity on helping Palestinian people without any specific political purposes.

NPC has a mission on educating Palestinian people, aside from giving aid to them. The aid provided by NPC is mostly educational aids, in which Palestinian people learn several skills, such as Tahfizhul Qur’an, embroidery for widow, and other skills to develop their life quality.

NPC office in Jakarta sells Palestinian merchandises that are directly sent from Palestine. The merchandise consists of Palestinian shawl and various kind of hats that are made by Palestinians women and widows. The income from the merchandise will be given back to them.

Aside from educational supports, NPC distributes daily needs to those who needed. Supports that regularly distributed are clean water, blankets, and medicines. With all the draw backs caused by the blockade, medicine distribution is the top priority of other programs. The aid distribution would be regularly carried out alongside NPC’s partners in Gaza Stripes.

More details about NPC can be found through and other NPC’s social media accounts.

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