Foster Parent for Palestinian Orphans (OTA)

War and conflict in Palestine increase the number of orphans in Palestine, causing them to live in sorrow with lack of affection and necessities to have a decent life. To help the children, Nusantara Palestina Center initiates a program: Orang Tua Asuh (OTA) or Foster Parent for Palestinian Orphans.

The number of orphans that live in Gaza Stipe has reached the more than 26,000 children, quite of an astonishing number. Education, clothing, food, and health are their daily needs that require some attentions.

Below is the procedure to be one of the Palestinian orphan’s foster parent (OTA) participants through NPC:

  1. To become the foster parents for the orphans, participants should register themselves through Bang Onim’s special staff in Jakarta, bringing their complete identity to the main office or filling in the form that has been provided HERE.
  2. After the registration and getting the confirmation from OTA’s person in charge, the participants should transfer the donation through NPC’s bank account, Syariah Mandiri Bank: 7129559475 by the name of Yayasan Nusantara Palestina Center. The donation transfer’s evidence then should be sent to 082299945959 which then will be confirmed by the person in charge for OTA.
  3. Additional information:
    1. Donation given for an orphan: Rp. 600.000,-
    2. The donation should be transferred for the latest on 28th each month.
    3. The donation will be distributed every four months.
    4. After the distribution, OTA’s staff will give the report to the participants regarding their foster child in Palestine.
    5. The donation that is fully collected will be allocated to the orphans in Palestine.

NPC invites the donor to take a part in various program to help fulfilling the Palestinians in Gaza’s needs.

Give your help through OTA program’s account:

Bank Syariah Mandiri (BSM) Pasar Rebo Branch: 7129559475 by the name of Yayasan Nusantara Palestian Center