Educational Program

Going to school, study, and play with friends, having a decent school building that is accessible are one of Palestinian children’s dream. However, the aggression, arrestment, and destruction done by Israel authority have destroyed their hope. Along with the hope of Palestinian Children, NPC comes with variety of programs which is expected to realize their hope, such as:


  1. School equipment aid (regularly)
  2. Scholarship for university students in Gaza (regularly)
  3. TK Nurani Indonesia
  4. Minibus for students of TK Nurani Indonesia
  5. Hifzil Quran for children
  6. Halaqah Quran
  7. Halaqah tahfizh


NPC invites the donors to take part in various program to fulfill the needs in Gaza.

Give your sincere help through:

BNI Kramat 69000 90089 branch by the name of Yayasan Nusantara Palestina Center

BNI Syariah Dewi Sartika branch 69000 90089 by the name of Yayasan Nusantara Palestina Center

Bank Syariah Mandiri (BSM) Ps. Rebo branch: 7129559688 by the name of Yayasan Nusantara Palestina Center